Molding and Casting

Get masters proved before investing into casting. 3D printer will help in getting correct master within hours.

Jigs 3D print prototype
Jigs and Fixture

Highly customized jigs and fixtures ensure the quality, efficiency and worker safety. 3D Printers allows avoiding production halts or product defects by manufacturing new jigs and fixtures quickly (in house).

Tooling - 3D Printer in india

Quick, low-volume tooling and custom fixtures give manufacturers the flexibility to embrace more opportunities. One can 3D print short-run tooling to prove out their products and manufacturing processes before making big investments.

Finishing Process

Aakriti200 3D printer can produce parts with very smooth finish. But if there is demand, you can still perform sealing, sanding, drilling, tapping and also colour the objects. 3D printed parts can also be glued together to produce the objects beyond the volume can be produced by the 3d printer.

Production Parts - 3D Printer
Production Parts

Physical models convey ideas better than computer images. 3D Printer makes feedback easier and quick. It allows designer to respond effectively.


3D Printer can customize your world. You can be the creator of new toys for your kids, nice or nephews. Design and make custom toys for them or develop something completely new.